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Community Services

We offer complete turn-key services. Property Managers, who award us full service contracts, allow us to ensure the happiness of their residents by providing a clean, well-functioning, and safe environment in the pool area, while management can focus on what they do best.

Chemical Application

As per PA State Law, Apartments and Condominiums are required to have a Registered Certified Pesticide Applicator to oversee the addition of pool chemicals to their pools. As part of our regular maintenance service, we can fulfill this role, as well as ensuring your pool's chemistry is professionally balanced. Contact us for a quote!

Pool Attendants

Pool Attendant services are available for properties not legally required to have a lifeguard on duty such as some Condominiums and Home Owners Associations. Whether you're looking to staff for the duration or just part of the pool's open hours, we have you covered! Our attendants keep your pool clean and water balanced.


Lifeguard services are available for all of our community properties. We carefully screen all of our guards Wwho are trained and certified by American Red Cross instructors, within our company. The majority of our guards are referrals from other trusted employees. We have found this system to be highly effective in securing a reliable and responsible staff. We keep our employees motivated with incentives, competitive wages and referral bonuses. Our combined 30 years experience in lifeguarding and management gives us access to a large number of quality, certified guards.

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