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*Full-time is at least 360 total scheduled and worked hours throughout the season. Hourly pay increases with ability to travel to multiple pools,
an open schedule regarding weekends and ability to work each holiday period during the summer*

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I do not have a current child abuse clearance form and am willing to have a background check ran.

Please read carefully!

I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein and the employers listed above to give you any and all information concerning my previous employment and any pertinent information they may have, personal or otherwise, and I release the company from all liability for any damage that may result from utilization of such information.

I also understand and agree to the guard contract and understand that adherence to this contract and my submitted schedule and availability are necessary preconditions for my continued employment, bonuses, reimbursements and raises. I understand that my performance and schedule bonus will be significantly impacted by any missed shifts, and/or significant lateness, including missed shifts due to undocumented illness, or “family emergencies”. I understand that this is “at will” and seasonal, not full-time employment, and that such behaviors may result in my immediate termination, depending on the circumstance, as well as my history with the company.

I understand that CBC pays all of its employees biweekly by direct deposit only and that I will need to enter my bank account and routing number at least one week before my first paycheck is due to receive it at that time. I understand W2 Forms are only available on the payroll website used by CBC, and I will be responsible for downloading them for tax purposes. I understand that CBC uses a digital time tracking system to monitor hours and that failure to punch in or out may delay the payment for that day until the next payroll period. This system also requires that location services are activated if using a smartphone or that the employee opt-in to cell phone tracking.

I also understand that the free Lifeguarding, First Aid, And CPR certification and/or re-certification arranged by CBC is conditional upon this same precondition and my failure to properly execute the lifeguard contract, failure to honor my posted schedule, or dismissal for either reason and/or aberrant behavior on duty, will result in charges of up to $425.00 being owed to CBC Pool Management as remittance for these certifications.

These charges as well as those for uniforms not returned clean and in new condition will be deducted from any outstanding paycheck, and/ or referred to a third party collection entity if not fully remitted within 30 days. Notification may also be made to the Red Cross for failure to properly remit, and/or aberrant behavior that we feel relevant to report, which may lead to nullification of this certification.

For returning employees who have completed one or more seasons of their contract, the above will result in pro-rated deduction of certification fees based on hours worked. Wages and raises that were paid on the precondition that the employee honors their contract and schedule will result in the re-setting of each wage to the base rate originally available to them at the beginning of each season. Any wage percentage paid based on a precondition that was not met will be deducted accordingly by this difference as a payroll advance on the employee's last paycheck.




Legal Guardian Name (If Under 18):